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Tax Returns

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-9000 - Minerals- Parish Summary Return2/2004-presentForm (fill)
R-9001 - Application for Certification of Incapable Wells. Form G-24/2006-presentForm (fill)(Instructions)
R-9002 i - Gas Severance Instructions (G-3)7/2006-presentForm
R-9003 i - Oil Severance Instructions(O-3)7/2006-presentForm
R-9004 - Oil Spill Contingency Fee Quarterly Return7/2010-6/2014Form (fill)
R-9005 - Timber-Parish Summary Return (T-1s)1/2012-12/2012Form (fill)
R-9006-L - Timber Form - T-1A1/2004-presentForm (fill)(Instructions)
R-9011-L - M- 1A/B Severance Tax- Minerals1/2006-presentForm (fill)(Instructions)
R-9030-L - Timber Severance Tax, Form SEV. T-1B9/2003-presentForm (fill)(Instructions)
R-9035 - Natural Gas Franchise Tax Return, Form NGFT-1001/2002-presentForm (fill)(Instructions)
R-9050 - Oilfield site Restoration Fee Return - Oil and Condensate Production5/2010-presentForm (fill)
R-9051 - Oilfield Site Restoration Fee Return5/2010-presentForm (fill)(Instructions)
R-9054i - Oil Severance Instructions (O-5)12/2008-presentForm
R-9055-Li - Gas Severance Instructions (G-5)12/2003-presentForm

Registration Forms

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-9016 - Registration Application for Oil Spill Contingency Fee7/2010-presentForm (fill)

General Forms

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-1111 - Tax Interest Rate Schedule1/2006-12/2014Form
R-19023 - Request for Louisiana Tax Assessment and Lien Payoff9/2010-presentForm (fill)
R-20127 - Claim for Refund of Overpayment3/2011-presentForm (fill)
R-20130 - Request for Compromise of Interest1/2008-presentForm (fill)
R-20131 - Request for Abatement of Interest1/2008-presentForm (fill)
R-20212 - Offer in Compromise Program5/2011-presentForm (fill)
R-3406 - Request to Close Business Tax Accounts1/2011-presentForm (fill)
R-6404 - Affidavit of Waiver of Restrictions and Delays1/2011-presentForm
R-6450 - Business Taxes Address Change Form1/2005-presentForm (fill)
R-7004 - Tax Information Disclosure Authorization6/2009-presentForm (fill)(Instructions)
R-7006 - Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative1/2005-presentForm
R-8350BF - Affidavit of LDR Refund Check Endorsement Forgery for a Business8/2008-presentForm (fill)
R-8352BF - LDR Affidavit of Fraudulent Refund Deposit for a Business8/2008-presentForm (fill)
R-9008 - Certification of Payment of Oil Spill Contingency Fee7/2010-presentForm (fill)
R-9009-L - Summary of Open Market Timber Purchases5/2005-presentForm (fill)
R-9010 - Certification of Continued Responsibility for Payment of Oil Spill Contingency Fee7/2010-presentForm (fill)
R-9015i - Instructions for Filing Form Sev. O-1d1/2010-presentForm
R-9020i - Instructions for Filing Form Sev. O-210/2008-presentForm
R-9036i - Instructions for Filing Form Sev. G-1d7/2012-6/2013Form

Electronic Services

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-20193-L - Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit and Credit Tax Payments9/2009-presentForm (fill)
R-20194 - Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Options Brochure8/2009-presentForm
R-20201 - Louisiana Electronic Funds Transfer Guidelines5/2012-presentForm
R-20213 - Electronic Funds Transfer: The Smart Way to Pay Your Louisiana Business Taxes7/2003-presentForm
R-9100 - Oil Severance Tax Electronic Filing Payment Voucher1/2010-presentForm (fill)
R-9100 - Online - Oil Severance Tax Electronic Filing Payment Voucher Document