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(fill) indicates a fillable form

Tax Returns

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-1029 - Sales Tax Return7/2005-12/2005Form (fill)(Instructions)
R-1029 - Sales Tax Return7/2004-6/2005Form (fill)(Instructions)
R-1030 - Ernest N. Morial Center Service Contractor Tax Return7/2002-6/2009Form (fill)(Instructions)

General Forms

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-1038 - First Purchase of Digital Radio Conversion Equipment Schedule7/2005-presentForm (fill)
R-1083 - Sales Tax Rate Schedule7/2005-presentForm
R-1341A - Contract Completion Form1/2002-presentForm (fill)(Instructions)
R-20164 - Motor Vehicle Sales Tax8/2002-presentForm
R-6450 - Business Taxes Address Change Form1/2005-presentForm (fill)
R-7006 - Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative1/2005-presentForm

Electronic Services

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-1021 - Sales Tax Electronic Filing Payment Voucher1/2005-12/2005Form (fill)
R-20213 - Electronic Funds Transfer: The Smart Way to Pay Your Louisiana Business Taxes7/2003-presentForm

Applications for Exemption

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-1022 - Offshore Registration7/1998-presentForm (fill)
R-1049 - Notarized Statement of Exclusion12/2005-presentForm (fill)

Exemption Certificates

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-1009 - Certificate of Exemption for Shipbuilders of Vessels Over 50 Tons Under Louisiana Revised Statute 4/1998-presentForm (fill)
R-1079 - Resale Certificate (Foreign Purchaser) (LGST 9-A)9/1995-presentForm (fill)
R-1332 - Blanket Exemption Certificate of Telecommunication Services4/2005-presentForm (fill)
R-1344 - Tangible Property for Rent or Lease12/2002-presentForm (fill)
R-1353 - Rent for Re-Rent7/1999-presentForm (fill)
R-1366-L - Direct Reduced Iron Process6/1999-presentForm (fill)