Individual Income Tax Forms : 2001

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Tax Returns

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
IT-565B - Apportionment of Income Schedule8/1999-12/2008Form (fill)
IT-540B-NRA - Nonresident Professional Athelete 1/2001-12/2001Form
R-6101 - Nonresident Professional Athelete Team Composite1/2001-12/2001Form
IT-540B - Nonresident Return & Schedules1/2001-12/2001Form (Instructions)
IT-540B-Consumer - Nonresident Consumer Use Tax Worksheet Document
IT-540 - Resident Return and Schedules1/2001-12/2001Form (Instructions)
IT-540-Consumer - Resident Consumer Use Tax - Schedules D & E Document (Instructions)
TTRB - Tax Tables for Resident Booklet Document

General Forms

Form Name (sort by title | code) Period Form
R-3400 - Certification of Donation or Contribution of Property of a Sophisticated and Technological Nature3/1998-presentForm (fill)
IT-540 Worksheet - Modified Federal Worksheet (Nonresident)1/2001-12/2001Form
IT-540B Worksheet - Modified Federal Worksheet (Nonresident)1/2001-12/2001Form