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Number Title Date Issued
R-0010PC Electronic Funds Transfer 06/2012
R-002PC LaTAP Quick Facts 11/2011
R-009PC Boat Registration Explained 12/2013
R-1002 Table of Sales Tax Rates for Exemption 08/2014
R-1050 Pollution Control Devices Refund Guidelines 05/2013
R-1083 Sales Tax Rates Schedules 08/2011
R-1400 Department Comment Card 01/2012
R-20057 Rules, Rulings, & Advice 11/2011
R-20060 Tax Responsibilites of the Sports & Entertainment Industries 02/2012
R-20061 Alternative Dispute Resolution Quick Facts 06/2012
R-20068 Sales Tax--Flea Markets, Craft Shows, and Itinerant Vendors 12/2011
R-20071 Tax Credit for Child Care & Educational Expenses 12/2011
R-20073 New Business Guide 10/2011
R-20088 Consumer Use Tax Brochure 11/2012
R-20095 Computer-Assisted Audits 12/2011
R-20161 Rights of the Taxpayer 06/2012
R-20162 Tax Facts Brochure 01/2012
R-20164 Motor Vehicle Sales Tax 10/2011
R-20165 Sales Tax: Restaurants, Lounges & Nightclubs 10/2011
R-20169 Administrative Provisions 01/2004
R-20201 Louisiana Electronic Funds Transfer Guidelines 05/2012
R-20207 SEATA Information Sharing Program 12/2011
R-20215 Sales Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Organizations 12/2011
R-6600 Corporation Income & Franchise Taxes Statutes & Regulations 08/2008
Use Tax Worksheet Consumer Use Tax Worksheet 10/2003