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Emergency Rules

Number Description Date Issued
LAC 61:I.4915 Louisiana Tax Delinquency Amnesty Act of 2014 09/22/2014
LAC 61:I.1912 Alternative Fuel Tax Credit 04/27/2012
LAC 61:III.2501 Individual Income Tax Filing Extensions 03/20/2012
LAC 61:III.2503 Corporation Income and Franchise Tax Filing Extensions 03/20/2012
LAC 61:I.4910 Electronic Funds Transfer 02/20/2012
LAC 61:I.1515 Withholding Tax Statements and Returns?Electronic Filing Requirements 02/20/2012
LAC 61:I.1907 Income Tax Credits for Wind or Solar Energy Systems 08/25/2011
LAC 61:III.1525 Electronic Filing Requirements for Oil or Gas Severance Tax 02/02/2011
LAC 61:IIII.1527 Electronic Filing Mandate for Reports and Returns Related to the Sports Facility Assistance Fund 11/19/2010
LAC 64:I:5401 Concerning the Service Charge on Sales of Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Services Authorized by Act 531 of the 2009 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature (12/23/2009) 12/23/2009
LAC 61:I.4912 Concerning the Louisiana Tax Delinquency Amnesty Act of 2009 and the tax amnesty program to be conducted by the Department of Revenue during the months of September and October 2009 08/04/2009
LAC 61:I.4425 Concerning the Annual Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Holiday Act on Consumer Purchases of Firearms, Ammunition, and Hunting Supplies 08/04/2009
LAC 61:III.2501 Individual Income Tax Filing Extensions 12/29/2008
LAC 61:I.1911.1 Application of the New Markets Tax Credit Cap for 2009 12/19/2008
LAC 61:III:2501 Individual Income Tax Filing Extensions 11/26/2008
LAC 61:I.1907 Wind or Solar Energy Systems Tax Credits 06/20/2008
LAC 61:III.1511 Requiring that Lessors and Rentors of Motor Vehicles Submit Their State Sales Tax Returns Electronically, Beginning with the July 2008 Filing Period 05/29/2008
LAC 61:I.4423 Concerning the Annual State Sales Tax Holiday on Sales of Certain Types of Hurricane Preparedness Supplies 03/20/2008
LAC 61:III:1532 Payment of Taxes by Credit or Debit Cards; Other 01/18/2008
LAC 61:I.1305 Income Tax Schedule Requirements for Certain Nonresident Professional Athletes and Professional Sports Franchises 12/20/2007
LAC 61:I.5302 Issuance and Cancellation of a Lien; Fees 02/22/2007
LAC 61:I.1195 Health Insurance Credit for Contractors of Public Works 02/17/2006
LAC 61:I:4301 Concerning the Classification of Businesses as “Hotels” for Sales Tax Purposes, and of Hotel Customers as Either Transient Guests or Permanent Occupants 02/01/2006
LAC 61:I.601 Presidential Disaster Relief Credits 01/19/2006
LAC 61:I.1311 Annual Retirement Income Exemption for Individuals 65 or Older 11/20/2005
LAC 61:I.4301 Repeal of Emergency Rule—Hurricane Katrina Hotel Sales Tax Exclusion 10/28/2005
LAC 61:III.2111 Emergency Rule—Interest Waiver and Filing Extensions Following Disasters 10/20/2005
LAC 61:I.4373 Department Issues Emergency Rule Concerning Nonresident Contractors’ Bonding Requirements 10/13/2005
LAC 61:I.4371 Department Issues Emergency Rule Concerning Refunds of the State Sales Taxes Paid on Property Destroyed In Certain Natural Disasters 09/08/2005
LAC 61:I.4301 Hurricane Katrina—Hotel Sales Tax Exclusion 09/01/2005
LAC 61:I.4906 Emergency Rule Concerning Signature Alternative for Preparers 12/20/2004
LAC 61:I.4301 Emergency Rule Conercning the Sales Tax Exclusions for Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment That Are Phased-In Over Six Years, Starting July 1, 2004 07/02/2004
LAC 61:I.1520 Emergency Rule Concerning Withholding by Professional Athletic Teams (also see the Notice of Intent) 10/20/2003
LAC 42:I.1775 Emergency Rule Concerning Progressive Pull-Tabs 08/15/2003
LAC 61:I.4913 Revised Emergency Rule governing the Collection of In-State Tax Liabilities by Debt Collection Agencies or the Attorney General’s Office. 05/20/2002