Changing Account Information in LaTAP

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The address on my account is incorrect. Can I use LaTAP to change the address on my account?

You can change the mailing and location addresses of your tax-specific accounts in LaTAP. From the LaTAP home page select the tax-specific account that you wish to change and locate the names and addresses in the Account Summary section of the account page. Use the "Add" or "Edit" link to update your information. Note you must contact the department if you need to update your taxpayer level address that displays on the LaTAP homepage.

My bank information has changed or I'd like to use another source. How can I update this?

You may add new payment sources or change a source at any time in your LaTAP profile. After logging in and following the "My Profile" link to view your profile, you may view your payment sources at the bottom of the profile screen. To add a new payment source, click the "Add Source" link and enter the correct details. To change a source, click the desired source name from the list of payment sources to view the details for that source. The "Modify" button will allow you to change the details.