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2009 Filing Status: Single
Married Filing Jointly
Married Filing Separately
Head of Household
Qualifying Widow(er)
2009 Estimated Federal Adjusted Gross Income:
How often do you receive a paycheck?
2009 Estimated Tax Liability Based On 2008 Income Tax Rates: $0.00
2009 Estimated Tax Liability Based On 2009 Income Tax Rates: $0.00
2009 Estimated Tax Reduction: $0.00
Reduction Per Paycheck for the Six Month Period, January 1, 2009 - June 30, 2009:

If you choose to temporarily reduce your income tax withholding, complete the Temporary Employee Exemption Certificate L-4, Form R-1300T, and enter this amount on Line 9 of the L-4 form
The 2009 Income Tax Estimator is an estimate of tax liabilities based on historical tax return data. In making the estimate, average federal income tax deductions, standard and personal exemptions, and dependency deductions are assumed. There are many income tax exemptions and credits that could result in lower tax liabilities than the estimated amounts. Remember—the result is an estimate to be used only for guidance. It is not a precise calculation of a taxpayer’s 2009 Income Tax Liability.