Viewing and Printing Questions

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What is the best resolution (e.g. 800x600 or higher) to have set in order to use this web site?

The LDR web site has been built to handle a screen area of 800x600. If you are running Windows, you can change your resolution. Click on Start. Click on Settings. Click on Control Panel. Click on Display. Click on the Settings tab and adjust your screen area using the slider. Also, make sure that the colors are set to High Color (16 bit) or better.

Why am I missing parts of the web page (e.g. images)?

If a page does not load completely, refresh the page. To refresh a page, click on View in your browser's toolbar. Then click on Refresh. The web page will begin to refresh. This should solve problems related to missing images or other components.

The fonts are too small for me to read. How do I change this?

If the fonts are too small or too large to view correctly, you can easily change the sizes. If you are using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, follow these steps.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Click on View
  3. Go to the "Text Size" option
  4. Select the size you want
How can I see what my page will look like before I print it?

The Print Preview feature allows you to preview a page before you print it.

To view a printer-friendly version of any page, click the "printer-friendly" link or the "Print" link on the top of any page.

To preview a page in either Internet Explorer or Netscape, click on File on your browser's toolbar.

Click on Print Preview in the menu.

You will see a preview of the page and you can then determine if you want to print that page or not.