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When trying to register in Severance, after clicking on "Register Now", it keeps returning to the Online Options page.

A possible issue is that SPAM/PopUp Blockers and Browser Cookie Settings are interfering with LaWage and Severance applications. To resolve the issue you should do the following:

  • In IE browser under "Internet Options" select the "Privacy" tab, then select "Advanced Privacy Settings". Within the Cookies frame, you must select "Override automatic cookie handling" in order to set the "Prompt" option under both the First-party Cookies and the Third-party Cookies.
General & runtime errors in Severance:

Ensure you have the newest version of the program:

  1. Uninstall the current version of the application
  2. Go to, provide your information and click the "Download Program" button
  3. Install the application from the downloaded file
What operating systems does Severance 2007 presently run under?

Severance 2007 has been tested under XP Professional and Windows 2000.

How to determine my operating system?

Click on the start button at the lower left hand corner on the task bar. Click “Run.” In the text box next to where it says “Open,” type “Winver.exe.” Click on OK. The OS version and service packs will popup.

Where can I download the newest version of Severance 2007?

Go to the following link :

Severance 2007 acts as though it is trying to reinstall some of the software when I run it. How can I fix this?

This is caused by a previous version of the application uninstalling a required component. To fix, click on the following link: Click-on “Run fix for VB 6.0.”

When I click the download button, the software wants to install an old version of Severance?

This is an issue with the browser cache in your web browser. To fix, open Internet Explorer, click on Tools/Internet Options. Then click on “Delete Files.” Also, you can go to an alternate download site:, and download and install the software.

I get a message box saying that I don’t have a connection to the Internet, when I actually do have a connection.

There may be a proxy server on your network. The original software version wasn’t configured for a proxy server. To fix, simply download and install the latest version of the software.

What do I do to set up arrangements to pay an outstanding tax liability?

You may download an installment agreement from the website or contact our office at (225) 219-0102.