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How can I register for LaTAP

Taxpayer can register on-line using the LDR e-Services Website

How long will it take for my transactions to show as completed?

Usually it will take 3-4 days depending on type of transactions.

I forgot my password can you help me?

Taxpayer can click on “Forgot my Password” and after answering question, an E-mail will be sent to him with this information.

I feel my password information has been compromised and would like to change my password, could you help me.

Taxpayer can change their password online. If they require help, LDR agent can reset the password.

I have locked myself out of the system by typing in my password incorrectly too many times.

LDR agent can reset the password.

My bank information has changed, how do I make the corrections?

The taxpayer can make online corrections.

I made an error on my original filing. Can I make corrections? Will I be charged P & I?

Taxpayer can amend any return filed electronically online.

Will I receive paper returns?

Returns will continue to be mailed to the taxpayer unless he request they be stopped.

I would like to amend a return that was filed manually. Can I do this?

Yes, you can amend returns that were filed manually if that return is listed.

If I am having computer problems, can I file and pay my taxes with a paper form?

Yes, You can file your return manually, however, if you are mandated to file Electronic payments you must contact LDR to arrange for Fed Wire or other alternatives to prevent penalty.

If I am having technical difficulties with the LDR Website, whom do I contact and how do I contact them?

If possible use the “Contact Us” function on the Website. If not call LDR for assistance.

Are there any restrictions on when I must file my return for it to be viewed as timely? Do I get a grace period?

No grace period is given for online filers. Returns must be filed online on the due date to prevent penalties or interest.

Due to computer problems my transactions did not go through making my return late. Can I request a Penalty Waiver On-Line?

No. Taxpayer can download a Penalty Waiver request form from our LDR Website. He must complete the form and mail it to the PO Box 201 Baton Rouge LA 70821 address.

If I file online and my transaction is showing “submitted” will I be charged P & I if it is not completed by the due date?

No. If the return is correct and the payment is made no other charges will be made. The date we will use as the mail date is the submitted date.

I got a bill from LDR even though I have already made a payment. Why?

The bill was scheduled to go out before the payment was processed.

I want to discontinue my LaTAP accounts, how do I do this?

LaTAP can be discontinued online.

How do I change my address?

Addresses can be added or changed online using the edit feature.

I don’t remember what my last payment was. Can you help me?

If taxpayer provides enough information to assure that he has the authority to access the account then the LDR agent can give out this information.

I cannot find where to key my Schedule A exemptions & deductions.

All links are in blue letters and are underlined. Look on front page of Sales return in LaTap and you will see Schedule A.

My payment has not been posted to my account and I have my cancelled check or EFT confirmation #.

Payments submitted for a particular filing period are not posted to the account until the associated return has been received and processed. Withholding payments are not posted to the account until 3 days after the due date of the return.

I registered to file in LaTAP and my authorization code was not e-mailed to me. The message said it would be mailed in 3 or 4 days.

If there are was a 0 payment submitted in registration, then the authorization would not be emailed.

Do you have instructions that I can use for LaTAP?

In addition to these FAQs, there is a LaTAP demonstration video available to introduce LaTAP users to the basic functions available in LaTAP. View the demo at: LaTAP Demo

Will I continue to receive paper returns if I start using LaTAP?

Yes, returns will continue to be mailed to you unless you request that they are stopped.

What is the “requests” link in LaTAP?

Every return, payment, or account change that you submit to the Department via LaTAP is referred to as a “request”. You use the “request” link to view a list of all requests waiting to be processed and all completed requests.

I'm having computer problems and can't use LaTAP, can I still file and pay my taxes with a paper form?

Yes, you can file your return on paper. However, if you are mandated to pay electronically, you must contact LDR to arrange for an EFT or other alternatives to prevent any penalties.

I had computer problems and my return ended up being filed late. Can I request a penalty waiver online?

No. You may download a Penalty Waiver request form (R-20128) from the LDR website. It must be completed and mailed to LDR at PO Box 201, Baton Rouge, LA 70821.

I no longer want access my accounts in LaTAP. How do I cancel my access?

After logging into LaTAP, select the “my profile” link to open your LaTAP user profile. On this profile page, use the "Cancel My Online Access" button. If you change your mind later and decide that you want to access your accounts in LaTAP again, you will have to complete a new LaTAP registration and select a new login id.

I'm having difficulties using LaTAP. Who can I contact for help?

Contact the Department of Revenue via email at Business Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point(LaTAP) Inquiries or call (225) 219-2203.

I'm having difficulties with the LDR website. Who can I contact for help?

If possible, use the "Contact Us" link at the top of any LDR page or click this link to submit an email: Web Site Technical Questions, Comments, Or Suggestions.