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How do I obtain forms?

Anyone needing forms should call (225) 219-2113. It is helpful if you know the form number that you are requesting. Forms can also be picked up at our main office or any regional office. Many forms may also be downloaded from this Department's web page at our Tax Forms area.

What do I do if I owe taxes, but am unable to pay by the due date?

Submit your return by the due date. By filing timely, you avoid delinquent penalty. Any amount paid with your return will reduce the interest and late payment penalty charges. The Collection Division will bill you for any tax, interest, and penalties that are owed.

What do I do to set up arrangements to pay an outstanding tax liability?

Installment arrangements are handled by the Collection Division at (225) 219-7448.

How do I obtain assistance with my tax problems?

Tax assistance can be obtained from any of the LDR Revenue Offices. You may also email your technical tax questions to LDR via the Tax Question Mailbox.