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146 Taxpayer Names Added to “CyberShame” List

Program aimed at chronic delinquent taxpayers

July 16, 2001

BATON ROUGE - The names of an additional 146 chronic delinquent taxpayers who owe more than $3.8 million have been added to the CyberShame list published on the Department of Revenue’s Internet web page. The new names represent 85 individuals who owe $1,569,912.80 and 61 businesses that owe $2,257,941.70.

In January, the Department initiated its “CyberShame” program by publishing the names of chronic delinquent taxpayers that owed some $9.8 million. The program is based on the premise that publication of a delinquent taxpayer''s name will shame them into paying the taxes they owe. The names of another 90 taxpayers who owed more than $3.5 million were added to the list in April.

Revenue Secretary Cynthia Bridges points out that anyone with access to the Internet can view the list on the Department’s web page at . “There, the names, addresses, and amounts of tax owed by some of the state''s most chronic delinquent taxpayers, are listed for all the world to see,” Bridges says.

In preparation for adding the latest list of names, Bridges says 160 notification letters were mailed at the end of May informing the delinquent taxpayers that their names would be published unless payment arrangements were made within 30 days. Four taxpayers paid $37,999.31 to avoid having their names published. Three others made arrangements to pay or declared bankruptcy. Another seven of the 160 notices were remailed on June 20 because better addresses were obtained. For this reason, the names of those seven taxpayers will not be published on the web page until August 6, 2001. Those seven taxpayers represent six individuals who owe $221,921.91 and one business that owes $25,574.75.

Since its inception in January, the CyberShame program has collected $716,136.92 from chronic delinquent taxpayers on the published lists. In addition, Bridges says another $219,267.12 has been collected from taxpayers who have come forward in order to prevent their names from being published. The Department of Revenue plans to publish additional names on the CyberShame list approximately every three months.

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