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ATC Arrests Man For Filing False Public Documents

Suspect also charged with theft of identity

July 28, 2000

BATON ROUGE - On July 24, agents of the state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control arrested Herbert Andrew Bass, 50, an unemployed former postal worker from Memphis, TN, for filing false public documents. Bass was also later charged by the East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff''s office with theft of identity from a local Baton Rouge resident.

ATC Commissioner Murphy Painter says Bass applied for an alcoholic beverage license with his office and gave a fictitious telephone number that differed from the one given to the Baton Rouge Alcohol Beverage Control office. Painter says an investigation into the information on the application found several false statements. Bass stated on his application that he was an officer of the American Golf Corporation, doing business as the Shenandoah Country Club in Baton Rouge. An ATC investigation found that Bass was not an officer of the corporation and that the home address given on the application was the address of another man with a similar name who had no knowledge of the application. "Secretary of State documents submitted with the application were altered," Painter says.

"Bass had apparently tried to assume the identity of the man living at the home address given on the application," Painter says. Bass had called to have the power to the residence turned off and had attempted to obtain a deed to the residence. Painter says Bass had also obtained a Louisiana driver''s license using the man''s address. At the time of his arrest, several pieces of evidence were seized, including mail that had been picked up at the Post Office after Bass had stopped mail service to the residence. Documents seized included copies of requests that Bass had sent to the Internal Revenue Service and the Fair Trade Commission requesting information on the man living at the residence. Several documents had the resident''s Social Security Number on them.

"We have no idea of what he planned to do with the alcoholic beverage license or the identity he apparently was trying to steal," Painter says. After Bass was arrested on charges of filing false documents, the case was turned over to the East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff''s office Fraud Division and he was further charged with theft of identity. Painter says further charges against Bass are possible, pending completion of an investigation by the FBI and the sheriff''s office into the Bass'' false claim of being an officer in the American Golf Corporation.

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