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State Income Tax Deadline Reminders

Revenue Secretary Brett Crawford says common errors can delay refunds

May 14, 1999

BATON ROUGE - Revenue Secretary Brett Crawford urges Louisiana taxpayers to be mindful of the state individual income tax filing deadline, which is midnight this Monday, May 17. In order to avoid common errors that cause delays in processing returns and refunds, Secretary Crawford says taxpayers should remember to do the following:

1. Check the accuracy of the information as given on the return, including the Social Security Number(s), address, and tax computations. Using the wrong tax table and placing information on the wrong line of the return are the leading causes of processing delays.

2. Sign the return (spouse also, if applicable).

3. Attach all W-2 forms and necessary schedules using paperclips. Do not staple attachments.

4. If additional tax is due and a substitute return or computer-generated return is being used, include the remittance coupon that is generated with the return.

5. Pay only the amount on Line 18. Taxpayers with an overpayment listed on Line 19 may donate all or part of that overpayment to the specified charities listed on Schedule D, or they may receive a refund or credit of this overpayment.

6. Make checks or money orders payable to the "Louisiana Department of Revenue." Do not send cash.

7. If there has been a name or address change during the tax year, mark the appropriate box on the face of the return.

8. If a refund is due, check the box provided on the outside of the preprinted mailing envelope.

9. Do NOT include copies of the federal return with the state return.

Secretary Crawford says that 70 percent of Louisiana''s 1.6 million returns will receive refunds. By avoiding these common mistakes, taxpayers can expect to receive their refund in an average of approximately 16 days, one of the fastest turnaround times for paper-filed returns in the nation.

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