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Printing Error Leads to Possible Data Exposure

December 15, 2008

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana Department of Revenue recently had a printing error that may have put 299 taxpayers’ information at risk. This incident occurred when the Department inadvertently printed a two-sided Payment Plan Reminder Letter containing a name, address, Social Security number, the type of tax owed and current tax balance on one side of the letter and another taxpayer’s personal information on the other side of the letter.

Upon learning of the error when one taxpayer returned a misprinted letter, the Department immediately began an investigation to determine how the problem occurred. The Department has conducted a thorough review of its processes and new security protocols have been implemented to prevent any such problem in the future.

“The Louisiana Department of Revenue is working diligently to notify all individuals potentially affected by this printing error,” said Cynthia Bridges, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Revenue. “We are also working with the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center ( to answer any questions that taxpayers may have about identity theft.”

LDR has also entered into a contract with the identity protection firm Debix to assist taxpayers with placing fraud alerts on their credit histories.

The Department has no reason to believe that any personal information has been used for malicious purposes.

The Department has notified all potentially affected taxpayers by letter. Any questions about the data exposure should be directed to the Louisiana Department of Revenue’s Internal Audit Division at (225) 219-2011 or toll free at (866) 638-2411 or via E-mail at

“Ensuring the privacy of taxpayer information is of primary importance at the Louisiana Department of Revenue. We will continue to safeguard taxpayers’ personal information and take all necessary steps to make sure this does not occur again,” said Bridges.

For more information, please contact Press Secretary Byron Henderson at 225-215-2156, or Public Information Director Tara Cunningham at 225-219-2158.

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