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Department of Revenue Announces New Sales Tax Filing Option

Secretary Kennedy Says New Guidelines Mean Less Paperwork For Over 32,000 Businesses

July 21, 1998

BATON ROUGE - Businesses that meet certain criteria can now file state sales tax returns quarterly rather than monthly as a result of changes announced by Secretary of Revenue John Kennedy.

Under a change to the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC 61:I.4351.B.1), the option of filing sales tax returns quarterly, or only four times a year, will be available to over an estimated 32,800 businesses whose sales tax collections average less than $250 per month. Previously, quarterly filing was only available to dealers whose sales tax collections averaged less than $100 per month.

"The purpose of the new rule is to lighten the sales tax filing burden from many small businesses in Louisiana and get a little government off of the backs of taxpayers," says Secretary Kennedy. "It''s just another part of our commitment at the Department of Revenue to exercise common sense in the collection of revenues and improve voluntary compliance of the tax laws while providing the highest quality of service to the public."

More information on this new option can be obtained by contacting the Department of Revenue''s Central Registration Section at P.O. Box 201, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70821-0201 or by calling 225-925-7318. In addition, a downloadable form to request a change in filing status can be obtained through the Department of Revenue''s Internet Web Site at

Kennedy emphasizes that the new option is voluntary and that qualifying businesses may continue to file monthly if they wish. "Governor Foster wholeheartedly supports this new effort to give some relief to Louisiana taxpayers," says Kennedy. "We hope that this new opportunity for paperwork reduction will be beneficial for businesses."


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