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Louisiana Department of Revenue Addresses Delays in Printing of Forms for 2005 Income Tax Returns

January 9, 2006


January 09, 2006

Louisiana Department of Revenue Addresses Delays in Printing of Forms for 2005 Income Tax Returns; Taxpayers are Encouraged to Prepare to File State Returns Electronically Beginning February 1st

The Louisiana Department of Revenue would like to advise both practitioners and individual taxpayers that as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the distribution of the state’s 2005 income tax return forms has been delayed for approximately one month. In anticipation of meeting this challenge, taxpayers are encouraged to file returns electronically no earlier than February 1st.

“Under present circumstances, as Louisiana’s recovery from the hurricanes continues to move forward and taxpayers make plans for the future, LDR is dedicated to providing the resources to make the task of filing income tax returns convenient. This includes incorporating amendments resulting from the recent U.S. Congressional and State Legislative special sessions in response to the storms.” said Louisiana Department of Revenue Secretary Cynthia Bridges.

Preparing to file state tax returns electronically, rather than manually will provide significant relief from the anticipated delays. While manual filing of returns can result in refunds reaching taxpayers as long as six to eight weeks after filing, “E-Filing” has steadily increased in popularity due to the speed, accuracy and convenience of the electronic process.

LDR reports that over 800,000 taxpayers filed electronic returns last year. With residents displaced throughout the state due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, this figure is expected to increase significantly for the 2005 tax-filing season. Secretary Bridges added that, “Electronic filing offers direct deposit of refunds, and also provides for payment of balances due by direct debit or credit card… welcomed enhancements as taxpayers face current challenges.”

Electronic filing instantly removes the risk of taxpayers submitting manually calculated mathematical errors, the misreading of handwriting, and the loss or delay of returns in transit. Taxpayers can expect to receive electronic refunds as promptly as two weeks from filing. Detailed information updates and guidelines for electronic filing will be made available to taxpayers on the LDR website as the May 15th filing deadline approaches.

Other benefits of the electronic process include immediate confirmation of refund submission and a dramatically reduced risk of identity theft. Electronic filing by Louisiana businesses and residents increased by 14% in the filing periods between 2004 and 2005.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue’s mission is to administer the applicable tax laws of the state of Louisiana as well as regulations concerning alcohol, tobacco and charitable gaming.



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