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Electronic Tax Payment Option Now Available

Taxpayers can make electronic payments of income, sales, and withholding taxes

March 6, 2003

BATON ROUGE – Department of Revenue Secretary Cynthia Bridges says taxpayers who electronically file their individual income, sales, or withholding taxes now have the option to have their tax payment electronically debited from their bank account.

“This new option is part of our continuing effort to improve the Department’s customer service to taxpayers,” Bridges says. “Taxpayers who electronically file their individual income tax return through a tax preparer or an online filing software provider that offers the debit option can request an electronic payment be made directly from their bank account on a specific date the taxpayer selects.”

Unlike individual income tax, taxpayers who want to electronically file and pay sales and/or withholding taxes must first register online at the Department’s website When registering on the website, taxpayers select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and print and sign an agreement that must be mailed or faxed to the Department. After the Department receives the signed agreement form, the PIN will be activated and the taxpayer is then able to electronically file their sales and/or withholding tax through the website and also have the option to pay those taxes electronically.

In order to make an electronic payment, Bridges says the taxpayer will need to provide their bank’s 9-digit routing number, their bank account number, the type of account (checking or savings), the amount of the payment being made, and the date the debit from the account is to occur. If for any reason the taxpayer’s electronic payment cannot be processed (incorrect banking information, insufficient funds. etc.), a normal billing process will occur and include any penalty and interest due.

“In the near future, the Department plans to offer the electronic payment option for other business taxes,” Bridges says. “The Department of Revenue is continually implementing new technologies that improve our service to taxpayers. It is our goal to give taxpayers the opportunity to fulfill their tax responsibility as easily and conveniently as possible.”

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